Questions to Ask a GTA Real Estate Brokerage

Questions to Ask Any Real Estate Broker Before You Join

Selecting the right office is a big decision. Make sure you ask the right questions.

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Choose Wisely

Your real estate office has a major impact on your real estate career

The answers to these 4 questions will help you choose the right one for you.

Whether you are brand new to real estate or an experience agent, coaching is a key to maximizing your success. Hiring a coach can be expensive. So it makes sense to select a brokerage that offers free one-on-one coaching. This helps you stay accountable, keep on track, learn new strategies and make progress more quickly.

Think of top athletes and entertainers. Why do these accomplished people still retain coaches? To reach their full potential. The same is true in real estate. With a coach, you’ll have someone to support you and someone to challenge you to be your very best.

At Royal LePage Signature Realty, we feel so strongly about the impact coaching makes on Realtor success, we provide free one-on-one coaching from four experienced senior professionals on our team. With your personal coach, you have to support you need to perform at your highest level.

First ask, do you feel personal marketing is important? If the answer is no, be very concerned. The fact is agents who are successful are those who learn to attract new clients through building a personal brand and developing a marketing system that consistently generates new leads. If an office you are considering doesn’t provide tremendous support and resources for lead generation, their focus may be in the wrong place.

At Royal LePage Signature Realty, we believe lead generation is one of the biggest keys to success, especially for the new agent. You simply have to learn how to attract new clients.

That’s why we offer a professional graphic design studio on site that provides many free marketing services to our agents – personal branding brochures, listed and sold cards, email newsletters, mail walks, high quality feature sheets, personal logos and taglines, business cards and so much more. We emphasize database marketing and support in using a CMS (Contact Management System). If a brokerage isn’t “all in” on personal marketing and lead generation, that is a warning sign indeed.

Real estate is a challenging business. As an agent, you have a very busy schedule. Your admin. support and help managing important details is vital to your success. When considering any brokerage, ask the details about their admin support? Are trade sheets handled daily? Are commission cheques processed daily? Are there HST and income tax holdback programs? Are all new MLS listings input by admin staff? Are offers, waivers and amendments prepared for you? Are all of these services provided free of charge?

At Royal LePage Signature Realty, we want you focused on what you do best – taking care of clients and helping them buy and sell property. That’s why we provide comprehensive and personal admin support completely free of charge.

Even though it may never be an issue, you have to ask the question. What happens if I want to leave the brokerage? Are there any penalties or fees? Can I keep my listings? How much notice is required? Frankly, some brokerages make it difficult to leave, which forces an agent to remain in a difficult and unproductive situation. So, ask the question.

At Royal LePage Signature Realty, we are so confident in the services offered and relationships with our associates that we have a no strings attached commitment to our Realtors. If you are unhappy, there are no penalties or fees, you take your listings and no notice is required. We feel this says something about the environment we provide our associates.

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